Saturday, September 30, 2017

Memory Lane

I love the Facebook feature that lets you look back in time. This week has been filled with some precious pictures and videos.

Go, Fight, Win

Our little cheerleader got to cheer at the first home football game, and perform with the dance team at halftime. She seemed to be enjoying herself and loves to be in the spotlight. Another little ham?

Vala's Pumpkin Patch - September 2017

It's Pumpkin Patch season again! Dan is back driving the train, the girls are enjoying their Friday nights with friends this year, and I'm happy to let the fine people of Vala's cook dinner on Friday evenings. It's hard to believe we've already been three times this year, and it's not even October yet!

Symphony Math

This girl loves her math! She comes home with math papers to finish on the weekends (optional), and can't wait to get started. They also have a differentiated online math program they get to work on once or twice a week at school. She came home with her password last weekend, put it safely in her purse, then took it out again to log on for over two hours of math practice over the weekend. At this rate, she may very well finish the program by first grade! I'm thrilled that she loves to do her schoolwork, and that she particularly loves math.

Cross Country - September Meets

Dayna competed in several more meets this month. She continues to hold a steady pace, regardless of the length of the race. She can really kick in a nice sprint to finish a race, or to power herself up a hill. The hot, humid temperatures have been brutal, but this girl pushes through to finish strong. I am so incredibly proud her her tenacity in this new venture. She has one final meet on Monday.

Piano Kickoff 2017

25 students finished the summer session of piano (and flute) lessons. Five of them completed their Piano Bingo activities with a blackout, earning some pretty cool prizes. Most of the others completed at least one Bingo to earn some prizes as well. And many were able to gather on a Sunday afternoon in my backyard for some root beer floats, games, and a whole lot of laughing.

21 students are continuing this fall, making for a very busy year. It looks to be a good year, with a weekly secret mission including listening, learning, practicing and performing opportunities in addition to the students' regular assignments.

An Unsung Hero

All of us rub shoulders with unsung heroes. Those who are quietly changing the world by changing one life at a time. My sister is one of those heroes. A single mom of three (+ spouses). Grandmother of two. Teacher of low-income students. And a heart big enough to take in six more incredible kids who need a safe place to land. I don't know how she does it all and manages to keep a smile on her face. I do know God is the foundation that helps her keep all of those plates spinning. And her tenacious faith has had some pretty big ripple effects on the world around her.

This month, the world celebrated a Jubilee: 50 years of being a better place because of Karey. I'm proud to be your sister (even though I may not have appreciated it all the time when we were kids.) I love you, Karey!

A little gift for those moments she takes for herself.

Romans - A New Year

This is the time each year when I buy new colorful pens, a new binder and notebook, and get ready to dive into another year of Bible Study Fellowship. This year, we're studying Romans, and I can't wait to find a refreshed view of this incredibly rich book of Christian doctrine. My challenge this year is to complete my own handwritten version of the Book of Romans as we go along. Annie won't be joining me this year, as she's in Kindergarten now. But Dan and Dayna still attend together in Omaha, and we'll be doing lessons with Annie at home.

If you're looking for a great way to get to know God better through His Word, I highly recommend this study. It's not too late to join.

You can't get the Home Training Lessons at class anymore, but they are available for download - I had fun with my new binding machine and put together my own book.

Small Town Living

I think somewhere deep inside, Oregon will always be home for me. But if I can't live near my family, I can't think of a better place in the world to live than Ashland, Nebraska. This recent video really captures how much I love this community and the people who live here.

Live and Work in Ashland, Nebraska from Ashland NE on Vimeo.

Multnomah Falls

The month started on a sad note when a group of kids decided it would be fun to thrown some fireworks into a dry forest. In no time at all, the beautiful Columbia River Gorge went up in flames. I have no doubt that it will once again be one of the most beautiful places on earth, but I don't know if I will be able to see the Gorge again the way I know and love it.

We decided this summer to just leave the camera in the car when we stopped by...after all, we see Multnomah Falls every time we drive through. How many pictures do we really need? I'd settle for just one more...