Thursday, March 31, 2016

He is Risen!

We love Easter. New life, small family traditions, and most importantly, the celebration of Jesus' resurrection, proving that He conquered sin and death so those who call on His name can experience eternal life.

We try to keep things small - a basket with an item significant to our faith, rising early in the morning to climb a tower and watch the sun rise (it was cold and cloudy - so while we didn't see the sun, we know that the Son has risen), a nice meal that may or may not turn out the way it's supposed to, and celebrating with our church family.

Easter Preparations

Three Years

It's hard to believe that three years ago, we were celebrating Easter in China with a girl who barely knew us. She's come a long way, and so have we! We celebrated three years as a family last week. Annie wanted spaghetti, so Olive Garden was our destination. We had a bit of a wait, it was a beautiful night, and we had the camera on us. Obviously, this girl has added a lot of laughter to our home!

Budding Composer

Just showing off Dayna's latest composition. We're still thinking of a title, but it's inspired by "The Itsy Bitsy Spider."

March Projects

I'm trying to finish one pair of socks every month this year. In March, I fished the Simple Skyp socks (from Ravelry) with the yarn my mom got me from the Bad Sheep yarn company in North Pole, Alaska.

I also managed to almost finish another pair, but they'll have to be done in April. This is the Vanilla Latte pattern (Ravelry) in Patons Kroy yarn. I can't wait to wear these with jeans...they'll be a great go-to pair.

Finally, another member of the Wilson clan has discovered the lure of yarn. According to Annie, "Knitting's my favorite!" Me too, sweet girl. Me, too.

Luck 'o the "Irish"

Just for fun.

Family Art

I love the stage when little ones start drawing pictures of their families. Annie really enjoyed drawing the Wilson clan on a warm March evening.

We had really long arms and legs. The pink and purple haired cuties are the girls.

Obviously proud of herself with the chalk medium, Annie also decided to try her hand at black marker. This was more of a mural. A four foot by four foot representation of her family. Alas, she didn't have time to finish her Daddy before Mom caught this masterpiece.

No fear. It did come out. With a lot of effort, and a friend's steam vac.

Helping Out

What is your least favorite household chore? Mine is housework. But if I had to be more specific, it would be sorting through clothes after each season. It often turns into boxes of clothes that sit around the basement for months on end. I saw this great tip online and made my own "laundry folder."

Annie had a ball and went through her entire shirt drawer! I'd say this method is a winner...even big sister is asking to fold clothes now.

Working Out

We're getting fit at the Wilson house. From better food choices to getting 10,000 steps a day, someone has been watching.

Music in Our Schools Month

Every March is Music in Our Schools Month. In Nebraska, a select few groups are invited to perform in the rotunda of the Capitol building. This year, two of the ten groups were from our little school district. I was thrilled when Dayna's choir director asked if I would go along as a chaperone. It tickled me even more when she asked if I would be willing to accompany the choir on piano. This was possibly my favorite thing to get to do as a mom with Dayna during her elementary school years.

Dayna signed "America the Beautiful"