Saturday, November 30, 2013

Tree Time

O Christmas Tree!

We went out this morning and chose our Christmas tree. Last year was a bit of a fiasco with a tree that crashed and tumbled over in the middle of the night, soaking our living room carpet with sappy water for four hours before we discovered it.

This year, we went smaller. Odds are pretty good that the only ornaments on the tree will be hand-made and non-breakable. Gifts may not appear under the tree until Christmas Eve. And I can pretty much guarantee that Annie will be dumbfounded when she discovers a real tree INSIDE our house.

Oh, what fun we had traipsing through the tree farm! Can't wait to get it up and put some lights and decorations out. This is going to be a GREAT Christmas with two girls who are still captivated by the magic!

Singing Christmas Tree 2013

Once again, the Wilson family (minus Annie, but her year is coming!) participated in the Gretna Singing Christmas Tree. This year, our theme is "A Cowboy Christmas." The students have learned about Nebraska agricultural history, that "Chadron" is pronounced "Shadron", and that while there were no Indians in the stable the first Christmas, that Jesus came for everybody. Cowboys. Indians. Shepherds. Town folks. You. Me.

We have one more performance tomorrow. It's been a fun ride hanging with these kids. During the BUSY week of performances, we have a lot of down time in the rehearsal room. This year, I came up with some "Minute to Win It" games. What a hoot watching the kids compete!

Dave and Dan - sound and light guys


Have you ever done something really stupid? Yup...I did exactly that. Wasn't thinking. Complete lapse in judgment. Intentions were good, outcome was not. Consequences really stink. Relationships need mending.

I'm sitting here licking my wounds, a little hurt that grace was not offered. I took responsibility. I'm working to make things right. But no grace.

And then I think of all the times I lack grace when others hurt me. Ouch.

So here I am, God. Grateful for the grace You've given me. Praying that you would give me a heart of grace toward others. Praying that You can mend what I have broken.

Reading in the epistles this week, that phrase "grace and peace" just keeps coming back. On my iPod, Fernando Ortega is singing "Grace and Peace."

And so I take a breath. I thank God again. And I put myself humbly at His feet.

Happy Heart

Seeing these two together just makes me happy.


No fall blog is complete without pictures of darling girls playing in a big pile of leaves (that somehow never ended up getting collected and are still blowing around the yard! with busy girls. Wouldn't trade a thing!)

Thanksgiving List

Several factors kept me from getting our family tree of Thanksgiving put up this year. One big reason is the adjustment to Annie in our home. Things below eye level just aren't safe around here! (And some things above eye level, as the girl learns to climb!)

But each family member contributed 3 of the top things on their Thanksgiving list. Annie's did take a little prompting (and maybe some recollection of common prayers at mealtime and bedtime.)

  • God
  • My family
  • Adoption
  • Jesus
  • Food
  • Family
  • Safe arrival of Annie
  • House
  • A job he loves
  • Family
  • Grace
  • Giggles from little girls

Thanksgiving Pictures

Dayna was so excited to make turkey cookies for everyone on Thanksgiving. She was such a patient big sister as she helped Annie.


It's been a great month for football. Annie is really starting to enjoy the excitement of the game. Our hometown high school football team has had an incredible year. Each game of the state playoffs just got better. We maintained our home team advantage right up to the final game. Several years back, the Bluejays made it to the state quarterfinals - the furthest they've ever gone. This year...they just kept winning. In some pretty nailbiting games!

Last Tuesday, the entire school district was shut down so the town could support our team for the State Finals. Early that morning, other brave people lined the streets downtown to cheer the team as they left. (I was snug in bed, but a friend's husband posted this video.)

Dan took the day off work as well. To Lincoln we went to cheer our team in Memorial Stadium (home of the Cornhuskers.) I would say there were about 5,000 fans on our side. Impressive since the population of our town is half that. The temperatures were in the 20s. The wind was fierce. Annie wouldn't keep mittens on her hands. And yet we all cheered! It was a lopsided loss, but we're proud of our Bluejays, nonetheless.

Orphan Sunday

This year for Orphan Sunday, Dayna was asked to share a Scripture verse at church. This brave girl got up in front of both services. With her new orthodontic device in her mouth (and difficulty with speech), she very clearly shared Psalm 68:5-6:

A father to the fatherless, a defender of
widows, is God in His holy dwelling. God sets
the lonely in families. 

So proud of our girl!

Secret Keeper Girl

November started with a bang for Dayna and I. Along with about 10 other girls at church and their moms, we attended the Secret Keeper Girl event in Lincoln. Secret Keeper Girl is geared for girls age 8-13 as they face their tween years. This was a super fun night with live music, fashion shows and the message to our girls (and the moms, too) about just how valued they are in God's sight.

Our group is continuing the fun by going through the book 8 Great Dates for Moms and Daughters. Over the next two years, we will go through 8 dates together to reinforce the message of their value, the importance of modesty, being beautiful inside and out, and build our relationships together. We started with a great tea party at the church. It was fun to spoil Dayna with a hand massage, drinking tea from a fancy china cup and eating tiny delicacies. I can't wait for the next 7 dates.