Sunday, April 30, 2017

Dayna's Birthday

Dayna's birthday came a little early this year. We celebrated at a hotel in Lincoln with three of her friends. They went swimming, made slime, painted their nails and did makeovers. This morning, we all got up and headed to church together after letting the hotel make breakfast for us. It was the perfect party! No cleanup or cooking. The girls were absolutely delightful and had a great time.

Yeah...Mom forgot candles. So we pretended.

Little Engineer

Annie's imagination was working overtime this week, when her pop beads became something other than jewelry. We thought she was pretty clever.

Kindergarten Round-Up

Annie reached another milestone this month. My last little one to go to Kindergarten Round-Up. She was so excited, she got dressed up and bounced all the way to school. She tells me she liked the puzzles the best! My little girl is not going to be little for much longer.

With her good buddy, Bryton