Saturday, December 31, 2016

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Sixth grade is the year for the big science fair. Dayna has been studying the scientific method and had to carry out her experiment and gather data over the break. She chose to study how changing the fat in a cookie recipe affects the taste, texture and appearance. Eighteen dozen cookies (and a gallon of milk) later, she determined that shortening looks best, butter tastes best, and margarine is a flop altogether.

Christmas in Norfolk

Christmas in Ashland

Hamsters for the Holidays

Our sweet Hickory became a big brother this month. Hamilton joined us at only three weeks old. He's already grown so much, and he is extremely social...climbing right into our hands when we open his cage. The boys seems to be getting along pretty well - from their separate cages. And we're enjoying our furry family members.

Christmas Piano Recital

In the middle of an ice storm, I still had 11 students show up to play for the recital (and my dear mom got dressed up and sent me a video!) Of the twelve total students who played, 7 were beginners in their very first recital! This was so exciting, and I couldn't be more proud of my little studio (that's starting to become not-so-little.)

43 Years!

The world has been blessed for 43 years with my great husband! Dayna was excited to make his birthday cake this year.

Preschool Family Night

Annie's preschool had a fun family night decorating gingerbread houses, singing for families, and even meeting Santa.

Annie's Sunday School Program

This was Annie's last year to participate as a preschooler in the Sunday School program. I'm sure going to miss those bells!

Holiday Band and Choir Concert

This month was Dayna's first middle school concert. She continues to love music!

Getting Ready for Christmas

It seems there are so many things that fill our days in December as we prepare for Christmas. Family fun. Food we probably shouldn't be eating. Frolicking with our neighbors in a downtown "snowball" fight. Seeing Santa. This year we added a trip to see the Nutcracker. It's a busy time, but we enjoy every moment of making memories together.