Thursday, August 28, 2014

Back to School for Mommy, Too!

I was anticipating a slow return to subbing this fall. We were trying to figure out how to stretch the dollar further after 3 months with no work. Then in one day, I lost 2 piano students. Dan & I were talking and trusting...knowing God would provide somehow. We just didn't know how.

The next day, I got a call from Dayna's principal asking if I could do a last-minute long-term sub position. On Dayna's first day of 4th grade, I started 4th grade all over again myself (not in Dayna's class, though.) I have the privilege of spending 4 1/2 weeks with a really great group of kids. Not to mention getting to know her teachers even better.

In a small town, this is such a blessing. These are the kids my daughter will grow up knowing. Getting to invest, even in this small way, in the kids who will influence my own (and I hope the reverse is true as well) means a lot to me.

I question myself every day. Am I patient enough? Did I teach clearly? Could I have presented that differently? Will they be ready for their teacher to return? Am I earning the trust placed in me?

And every day, God gives me just what I need.

Many Faces of Anne

Apparently Dayna got a hold of my camera. I ran across quite the collection of shots today.

Big Girl Bed

With a new birthday, we figured it was time for Annie to graduate from the crib. Oh, what a sad night it was to tuck her into that crib for the last time. wasn't the last. Poor girl got sick, so we kept her in it for a few more days. So much for sentimentality.

Still, she's so happy with her "tiny bed" and is excited for bedtime now. Somehow, I think she might be my child who puts herself down for a nap.

The Big 3!

She's arrived! Annie is now the big 3. It seems that she has really grown up a lot in the last month. Our little baby is a thing of the past, and we now have a bona-fide little girl (and quite the girlie-girl she is!!)

Dayna was excited to buy Annie matching shoes. Annie was excited to have another pair of "hic-lops"

So cake decorating isn't high on my list of skills - but Annie was happy with a pink-lemonade cake. Too bad she came down with something and was too sick to eat any.

Annie got her new Bitty Baby from Grandma and Grandpa Wilson. Baby Lotte (Charlotte) is most definitely part of the family now. Annie rocks her to sleep every night, singing "Praise God" (the Doxology).

First Day

I can't believe Dayna is a big 4th grader already! She's off to a great start and has a really great teacher (I truly believe her school is filled with incredible teachers!)

Annie also had her first day at a new daycare. She seems to really be enjoying Miss Lindsay's house.

Dayna's Cello

It was a humid day in May about 8 years ago. The first day we met our sweet Dayna. And the first day we exposed her to the beautiful sounds of the cello by playing recordings of Yo-Yo Ma performing the Bach Cello Suites.

We have done a lot of searching, and were able to finally find a cello teacher who is a good fit for Dayna. Her instrument is rented and we have one lesson under our belts so far. The bonus to this new instrument is that she practices piano more often as well. She is really becoming quite the talented young musician.

How I Survive a Road Trip

Surviving road trips is actually quite easy for me. I have this thing about never wanting to be bored, so my hands are always busy. On this trip, I managed to complete (and start) several projects.

I made my first sock. (The second is almost done.)

 I learned how to embroider.
 And I made 6 dishcloths and a potholder for my sister's new house.

More Anne-tics

Don't know why we don't ever learn...this girl is sneaky! Good thing she's also incredibly sweet and lovable!

Wrapping Up Summer

We had such a nice vacation, but as soon as we got home, we hit the ground running and getting ready for school to start.

But first, we had to sort all the mail that was waiting for us.
 Annie was ready to mail herself right back to Papa and Nana's house.
Don't know why this struck our funny bone, but this was the vending machine outside A&W in Western Nebraska on our way home.
 Yeah, we're that crazy family that blows our straw wrappers at each other before we eat. Nice shot, Dayna!
 It was National Root Beer Float Day. I think Annie approved.
With pool closures and weather issues, we didn't have a lot of time to enjoy the city pool this summer, but we did get a few last splashes in the books. Annie is definitely a little fish and we have to watch her very closely!

 Dayna is getting a lot more comfortable in the water, as well.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Convictions and Compassion


My heart is heavy tonight as I sift through the noise of the world around me. I write this here as a reminder to myself. I pray that my hold on opinions over things that don't really matter never screams so loudly that the deep soul convictions you give me are drowned out by the noise. I pray that I can stay true to the convictions you give me while letting compassion be the message of my life. Never let me be so loud that people can't hear You speaking through me. And thank You for turning me to You tonight instead of myself.