Monday, July 31, 2017

Backyard Campout

We finally have some cooler temperatures, so we let Dayna have some friends over to camp out in the backyard. It's pretty clear several of them have never pitched a tent before. But the tent made its way up, the dogs and s'mores were grilled over the fire pit. And sleep may or may not have happened. This is the stuff memories are made of.

New School Clothes

Had a fun date with this girl last week to get new clothes for Kindergarten.

She picked Freddy's for lunch and made short order of her cheeseburger, fries and ice cream. Her new clothes are pretty cute, and she's excited to show them off when school starts.

Live Entertainment

Dayna has been looking for performance opportunities. She took the initiative to contact the person who runs our local farmer's market and set up a date to play. Last Saturday, she earned a nice sum while providing music for about an hour and a half. Several people shared positive things with us as she was playing. Well done, Dayna.


Summer to Dayna means riding her bike to the school's butterfly garden. Inspecting milkweed leaves for caterpillars or eggs. Bringing them home and nurturing them until they make a chrysalis. Waiting expectantly for the butterflies to emerge. And with any luck, following the life cycle through several generations.

Today, these beautiful monarchs made their appearance.

A Dog's Life

Dayna has been working hard pet-sitting for several neighbors this year. She often brings them over to our house (and we even had a guest for a week!) Dan is still hesitant to get a dog, but I think he actually enjoys their company! He was caught snuggling more than once with a dog on the couch.

Stir-Up Days

Ashland has their annual Stir-Up Days in July. There's so much going on, and it's usually super hot. We managed to make it through the parade and a race, as well as taking in a few other events.

Annie loved cheerleading camp and got to march in the parade.

I walked the 5K and came in a solid last place (the other walkers did a 2 mile walk, but I was determined to make it 3.1 after my broken foot.) I had been walking a 25 minute mile, but managed to finish the entire 5K in 50 minutes.

Dan, however, plowed the competition and came in second place for his age division. Way to go, Dan!

Making an Entrance

 So tired of this boring front door. We're trying out a new color before we commit to a new door.
 Apparently, the carpet liked the blue as well. Half a quart's worth. Exterior paint. Sigh.
 Fortunately, we were able to get a LOT of it up.

 We're still a work in progress, but I finally have a house number.

Kitchen Adventures

I love this time of year! The garden is coming in and the canner is coming out. Pickles. Sweet cherries. Strawberry rhubarb jam. (Beans were a bust). Soon we'll have tomatoes, and I'm hoping for a LOT of golden tomatoes this year.

But these noodles - I really think I'm starting to get the hang of this homemade pasta business. (Although I confess the pesto did come from a jar - not a lot of basil this year.)

Garlic butter pesto shrimp on homemade spinach noodles. Oh my!

Independence Day

We enjoyed a quiet day celebrating America's birthday. Dayna had a friend and her mom over for dinner. Cherry pie and strawberry shortcake were made. Fireworks were lit. The 4th was also the beginning of a special friendship with a new family on our block who moved here last winter from Germany. It was pretty cool to watch three kids born on three continents celebrating America.

18 Reasons

18 years since we said "I do." And 18 is too small of a list of the reasons I love this man, but it's a good start.

  1. The way He loves the Lord.
  2. The way he wrestles with his girls.
  3. The way he takes care of me when I'm sick or injured.
  4. The way he encourages me to be a better person.
  5. The way he dreams with me.
  6. That he will drop everything to take a long walk with me.
  7. How hard he works to provide for our family.
  8. The way he humors my whims.
  9. That he loves to travel and take road trips.
  10.  He puts up with my mood swings.
  11. He's a really good cook.
  12. How hard he has worked to take care of himself.
  13. How hard he works around the house.
  14. His quiet strength of character.
  15. The thoughtful things he does everyday.
  16. The way he falls asleep every night while tucking in Annie.
  17. His smile.
  18. Enjoying the same kind of movies (as long as they don't have "Star" in the title.)