Wednesday, May 31, 2017

In a Jam

What to do with all this rhubarb? Well, grab some strawberries, a good recipe, a new Dutch oven, and the cutest helper in the world and make some jam. make some homemade English Muffins to go with this yumminess!


It was four years ago that we fell in love with the Martins, who moved in across the street. It all started with an invitation to come over and do sidewalk chalk.

The Martins moved. We cried. We still miss them every day.

The Capps moved in and brought their twins (and baby Phoebe, who arrived last month.) And the sidewalk chalk happened again...

There's something magical about the girls who grow up in the little brick house across the street.

Dayna's Family Day

Eleven years ago, this happened:

Image may contain: 2 people

She's turning into a beautiful young lady, inside and out.

We're so glad we get to call each other "family." Love you, Daynabug!

2017 Piano Recital

This year's theme was "Fiesta de la Musica." I had the help of some very capable students decorating the basement of the church (since I couldn't do stairs), parents who threw together a great Mexican spread, and 17 hard-working musicians whose pieces made the whole evening festive.

Last Day of Preschool

What a difference a year has made. From our girl not knowing her ABCs (or wanting to know them) to writing her complete name and reading sentences...from not interacting with her peers to being a social leader and helping others learn new things...from anxiety over not knowing the expectations to owning the place...Preschool has changed our girl, and we couldn't be happier about those changes. It was sad to say goodbye to Mrs. Rathe and Mrs. Herzog, but we know the next group of preschoolers will be in excellent hands. And Kindergarten - I think Annie will own that, too!

Future Author

Don't Go Breaking My Heart

So I broke my foot instead. I could spin some great story about skydiving or jumping a motorcycle over flaming buildings...but really, I'm just clumsy and tripped on a crack in my driveway. The timing was awful - two days of school left and a piano recital. I managed to make it through those two days and a weekend before seeing an orthopedic surgeon. The diagnosis is a fracture of my 5th metatarsal in three places. Good news is I don't need surgery or a cast. I'm already weight bearing in my boot. Bad news is that this particular fracture takes about three months to no line dancing at my parents' anniversary celebration, and swimming this summer will more likely look like a mom in a beach chair with a good book.

One Hour

One Week

One Week

Two weeks

2017 Dance Recital

Our little Bluebird melted our hearts again this year. This was our first year to see Annie tap, and she did a magnificent job!

I was the dressing room monitor, and started a game with the girls to pass time. They ended up in this perfect formation!

Middle School Awards

There are no awards to express just how proud we are of Dayna. Her kindness, compassion, friendliness...these are things that don't earn a certificate or trophy. We try to make sure our girls know that they are precious for who they are, and not for how many awards they win. I'm pretty sure Dayna was elected to Student Council by her peers because of her character and positive nature. She truly is our sunshine!

Spring Music Concert

Dayna continues to be busy with her music, singing with the sixth graders and playing in the band. It's fun to watch her hold her own in the percussion section.

And Now She's Twelve!

I blinked. This happened: