Tuesday, May 31, 2016

FCC Picnic

We have been attending FCC (Families with Children from China) functions for years now. They often have guest speakers and performers. However, the girls are usually more interested in playing with friends. This year, they were both fascinated by the Kung Fu demonstration. Dayna is even excited to attend a Chinese Cultural day camp this summer and learn some more things from the local Chinese cultural association.

May Projects

I didn't accomplish much (meaning I didn't finish anything, other than a few dishcloths) this month. My yarn hasn't been behaving.

This beautiful yarn from New Zealand was just asking to become a pair of Seahawk socks. The pattern was meh - I like how it looks, but didn't love the process. (Pattern: Geek Socks on Ravelry). 

 I was so excited to be done and put in the afterthought heel when this happened:

Yup - they didn't even go over my heel. I feel like such a heel. And so these socks are in time out until I feel like unraveling to the heel and reknitting the leg with a larger needle.

Meanwhile, I started something new - I've been drooling over my new Socktopus book for a few months. I love the highly textured patterns, and was ready for a break from self-striping yarns. Enter my new Knit Picks yarn: "Willamette."
I'm one sock down, and halfway done with the other. This was more "old school" for me - working on DPNs (double pointed needles), one sock at a time, cuff down. (I've become a two at a time knitting on a large circular [magic loop], toe-up kind of sock knitter.)
I really like the colors and can't wait to finish (although I think I need to order more yarn - it's using a bit more than usual with the texture.)

Another Goodbye

We've watched these two for five years now. Dayna has found a friend who regularly speaks the truth of God to her and sharpens her iron. It was with great sadness that we said goodbye to MaKaylee's family last weekend. They haven't gone far - but far enough to no longer go to school together or ride bikes to each others' house. Fortunately, technology and email are great things, and with some intentionality, they will be able to stay in touch face to face as well.

MaKaylee came with a great family, and we miss her sisters and parents as well - knowing that God has great things in store for their new chapter.

Dayna's Family Day - 10 years later

Again - it seems like just last week we saw this sweet face for the first time:

But in reality, we passed the ten year mark this month.

Dayna chose to go camping as a family to celebrate this milestone.

breakfast original - "bacon" strawberry pancake taco

2016 Piano Recital

The last day of school was particularly busy. I had scheduled our piano recital before the District changed the last day of school. So we went from a busy last day to a quick setup and change for the recital. I'm so proud of all of my students, but particularly the two who live in my house.

 Annie did a great first performance with "Middleton's Dance"
 And Dayna did a lovely job with the New World Theme, The Spider's Waltz (an original composition) and Minuet in G
I learn every week from these students!

Bravo cards - each child got a stack of cards with compliments from the audience.

Last Day of Elementary School

Seriously - this sweet picture was taken just last week on Dayna's first day of Kindergarten. What happened?
She got a perfect 4.0 GPA in fifth grade...
She met her reading goal every month...
 And said goodbye to some great teachers

...and a principal

I can't believe time went so quickly, but I'm so proud of the young lady Dayna has become. I'm also incredibly grateful to the staff and administration of our local public school. They are truly second to none.

Fifth Grade REACH Play

This was Dayna's final year in REACH (a pull-out class for high ability learners.) She really loves drama, and had the perfect role of the fairy godmother. Video included for those who want to watch!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Fifth Grade Track and Field

It was a brutally windy day, so Annie and I didn't last long. Dayna worked hard to learn the hurdles, and run cross country - although the wind made that extremely difficult. I'm proud of her for sticking it out when 2/3 of her classmates didn't even try.

2016 Dance Recital

This little bit of spunk was all about her dance recital this year.

 Cutest beluga whale I've ever seen!

Look Who's Eleven!

It was a big birthday for this beautiful girl.

 With new electronics
 Sister hugs
A new bike
and a plane ticket back from Papa and Nana's house this summer. (She gets to spend two extra weeks.)

Not sure when this baby of mine grew up, but she's growing up nicely!