Thursday, November 30, 2017

Clean Bill

October and November were filled with some rather invasive medical tests after some abnormalities were spotted during a routine exam. When all is said and done, I'm relieved to know that the blood work and biopsy produced nothing to cause concern. Nor is major surgery necessary at this point.

I'm still fighting what I consider to be significant fatigue - there are days I'm not comfortable driving for fear of falling asleep. And days I'm not working, it's not uncommon for me to sleep for several hours in the afternoon. I'm hoping to get this figured out soon, as I will be doing another long-term sub job in the spring, on top of three evenings of piano lessons.

So while the big questions have been answered, I'm still knocking on doors to get to the bottom of other issues.

Back in My Element

It seems November was filled with more music subbing days than normal. I've been able to teach from Kindergarten through High School, including both of my girls. I confess, it's a little bit of a stroke to the ego to be asked to specifically teach a methodology that's part of my background, namely singing in solfege (the do-re-mis, for those not familiar). I can't believe how quickly various groups were able to pick up on the concept and make incredibly beautiful music. I was even in tears at one point with the high school choir at the beauty of their singing. It was nice to be back in my element and remember what it was that drew me to music education in the first place.

Fir Real?

This beautiful balsam fir is now gracing our living room. It's a fun tradition to go to Prairie Pine Plantation each year, drink hot cocoa, look for hidden squirrels, ride in a wagon, and find the perfect tree. This year, note that Annie is wearing shorts. You just never know in Nebraska.

Why I'm Thankful

I'm thankful that even when I don't feel victorious, God's promises don't depend on the way I feel.

Turkey Day

Video to follow when my ipad is cooperating.

Faith of a Child

Two separate scenes with Annie this month:

A: "When I grow up, I want to be a Sunday School teacher and tell kids about Jesus. But I want lots of other jobs, too. Maybe a different job for each day of the week."

Mom: "What day of the week will you be a Sunday School teacher?"

A: "Um, how about Thursdays?"

Then there was the night she got out her "computer" and sent an email to God in lieu of her bedtime prayers.

Sweet girl - she's been talking so much more about God lately. It's been so much fun listening in on her conversations with Him and about Him. 

The Day My Heart Stopped

Imagine sitting in the kitchen, doing your thing, when your preteen daughter walks in and exclaims, "Mom, we're making babies in science class, and you get to be my sub tomorrow!" heart stopped. It was an interesting moment, but a lot of fun sitting in on an assignment where partners were flipping coins to determine the genetic outcome of a hypothetical child. I must admit, my "grandbaby" won the gene pool.

It was also refreshing to see a lesson on genetics that didn't point out the fact that some children don't share genetic material with the people in their families.


I'll just let this picture speak for itself this year.

Most Improved

Dayna finished her first sports season well, and was even voted Most Improved Runner by her coaches and teammates. She's already participating in winter running, badgering us to sign her up for a 5K, and preparing for track season in the spring. Way to go, Dayna!


20 years ago, Dan and I presented our Clarinet Buddy project on an aria from Tosca. This month, we were able to splurge on the "good seats" and see our fourth performance of this opera. It's hard to believe twenty years have gone by since we drove straight through to Oregon to see our first performance (and incidentally, the trip where he met my parents.)