Wednesday, January 31, 2018


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Sunday, December 31, 2017

17 for '17

Seventeen memories that I'll take with me in 2017:

  1. Outgrowing my home and teaching piano lessons out of a local church. Almost tripling the number of students I teach in 18 months
  2. Dayna qualifying for the State Science Fair
  3. My parents surprising the girls with an Easter visit
  4. Getting to spend time with some special first graders while doing a long-term substitute job
  5. My first broken bone and spending most of the summer in a boot
  6. A trip to the Grand Canyon
  7. My niece Krista and her husband Cody getting married
  8. My parents' 50th Anniversary
  9. Getting to make another trip (alone!) to Oregon to see my nephew Noah marry Rachel
  10. Annie starting Kindergarten and learning how to read
  11. Studying Romans in Bible Study Fellowship
  12. Planning birthday parties for the girls - a hotel for Dayna and Pete the Cat for Annie
  13. Watching Dayna try something new as she went out for Cross Country
  14. Another fun season at Vala's Pumpkin Patch and watching the girls hang out with friends
  15. Celebrating 20 years of being together with Dan
  16. Loving my jobs - teaching piano lessons and working as a substitute teacher
  17. The time spent with my family and friends
Happy New Year!

I'll Be Sick for Christmas

It seems Annie and I couldn't catch breaks this month. Annie experienced her first trip to the school nurse, which ended with a 103 fever and diagnosis of strep. Two weeks later, she started running another fever and missed her Christmas piano recital. Then two days ago, I was diagnosed with strep and missed the Wilson family Christmas. We're hoping for better health in the new year. I did manage to get some things accomplished while lying in bed, though. Like finishing a hat:

 and watching the snow and binge watching Netflix.
Missed my family, though. Here's to next year...

Hello Harley

Shortly after Christmas, we decided to get a new hamster. Not knowing how long Hickory will be with us, we felt the girls needed a diversion. Dan was adamant that we would not get another female...until he met this little girl. It took us a day to agree on a name. But we would like to introduce Miss Harley:

Christmas 2017

We had a houseguest for Christmas - wish she could have stayed longer!

Saying Goodbye to Hershey

Our sweet Hershey Girl decided to be a bit of an adventurer. She liked to climb, but once she reached the top, didn't quite know what to do. We think she fell wrong, because one night, she just wasn't moving right. By the next day, her back was really rounded and she was dragging her hind legs. Soon after, she fell asleep and didn't wake up. It was hard losing our sweet girl right before Christmas. Honestly, we know our days are limited with our Hickory, as he is getting pretty old (we thought we were about to lose him last August.) But losing Hershey was a shock - and her unclaimed gifts under the tree Christmas morning were hard to see. Rest in Peace, sweet Hershey Girl.

Cookie Dates

The last day of school and first day of vacation saw our house humming with frosting, sprinkles, crafts, giggles, and all-around fun. I'm not sure if I was crazy or not hosting the mayhem, but memories were made. And these kids are pretty special people!