Monday, June 24, 2013

Back to Africa

Some of you may remember a little trip to Africa Dayna wanted to take when she was four. She really wanted to feed orphans, so she packed suitcases, and gave up one of her scone dollars to buy a treat at church. That dollar grew as people around the country heard about her story. Within a few days, it became over $1,000. We were able to pack food (4,000 meals) to send to The Raining Season, an orphanage in Sierra Leone.

Flashback posts:

Well, last year, I stopped to visit with Dayna's Spanish teacher one day. Lo and behold, I find that she and her husband have been involved with this very same orphanage! Earlier this month, she and two other teachers from Dayna's school traveled to Sierra Leone to spend a week working at The Raining Season. Megan Laune was Dayna's first grade teacher. With her permission, I'd love to share about their trip. (They even took a picture of Dayna with them, and one of the caretakers there made a bracelet for Dayna that was just delivered by Mrs. Laune last week.)

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