Thursday, August 31, 2017

2017 XC

Being a sports parent is new to me - but I guess that's okay, because participating in a sport is new to Dayna. This kid has really challenged herself this summer to become stronger - she has gotten up early three times a week to go to weight lifting at the school, and decided to try out for Cross Country this year.

Her first meet was today - she ran a mile, and had a great time of 8:17. I told her that no matter what happened, today would be a personal best. I was sorry to miss the meet, but can't wait to make some others later in the season.

Summer Library Fun

We really do enjoy our local library. Here are some fun things the Wilson girls were up to this summer.

Annie read 1,000 books before Kindergarten (picture taken in front of her 500 books recognition)

Dayna participated in a Nerf war for Teen Takeover

I completed the adult summer reading program - the last task was how I would build a better world

2017 Solar Eclipse

The Wilson girls had the opportunity to experience 99.4% totality in Ashland of the Great Solar Eclipse of 2017. Dan had the chance to experience complete totality in Lincoln. It was a pretty spectacular sight, showing God's amazing creativity and power.

We were all smart enough to not try to take pictures, so these are taken from the Internet. I did get to help Annie's Kindergarten class during the eclipse. I don't know that they fully appreciated the enormity of the event - but the glasses were pretty cool.

Pete the Cat Party - It's All Good!

Annie had a particularly groovy time with her Pete the Cat party. Huge thanks to the local library for their space and easy decorations, as well as Pinterest!

Hello, Six!

 And just like that, she woke up and grew overnight. Look at this lovely six-year-old!
This girl loves her Legos from Grandma and Grandpa!

Top Five of Five

As Annie was getting ready to say farewell to five, we asked her the five best things about being five years old.

5. Going to preschool
Annie recently drew a picture of her preschool class and remembered EVERYONE! I love her teacher's ponytail.

4. Learning to write my name

3. Going on vacation to the Grand Canyon and Papa and Nana's house

2. Swimming at the hotel and learning how to swim with Miss Cheryl

1. Learning how to read words

First Day of School - Parents' Edition

Did someone say "Mimosas"?