Monday, June 24, 2013

Lucky Lemonade

Dayna and our new neighbors have been having a grand time the last few weeks. They still haven't moved in (we can't wait!), but are spending a lot of time here and there while their parents continue fixing up the house.

Last week, the girls got to work and created a "business plan" for a lemonade stand. They made fliers, canvassed the neighborhood, and spent three hours selling lemonade, popcorn and freezer pops. They had a little marketing help from my Facebook account and the local small business page.

I love small-town living. The police chief came by for a drink. The local newspaper editor came by to take pictures. A neighbor even bought a glass before AND after his walk. By the end of the day, their profits were over $30, leaving each girl just over $10 to spend as she liked. Dayna has already shared that she wants to give half of hers to orphans. Bless her heart! (Dayna was wearing a cap so she could look like a "lunch lady.")

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