Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mommy and Annie Time

"Just Mommy and Annie?" While I try to make sure I spend individual time with each of my girls, it seems to be a fun and exciting concept every time Annie and I have some time together. Since life started to get really crazy in the middle of the month, I tried to fit as many "Mommy and Annie" days as I could early in September.

We would walk Dayna to school and stop for a hot chocolate on the way home. We would work on her letters and go on letter hunts downtown. Piano lessons together were an absolute hoot! She is really growing up into a delightfully funny little lady.

Last weekend, the two of us took advantage of a Friday evening and went out for milkshakes and a trip to the bookstore where she got a new book that quickly became a favorite. I think in the last six days, it is already starting to get worn. Annie picked her own clothes and even brought her baby Lotte along with us on our date.
Sure love this spunky girl!

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