Wednesday, September 30, 2015

BSF - Revelation

It has been 12 years since I attended my first BSF Welcome class. I can't begin to share how much this study has changed my life and taught me about God and His Word. This year, they are launching a brand new study of Revelation. Classes around the world have waiting lists as thousands of men and women are desiring to study the Bible. We are fortunate that BSF offers a preschool program during their daytime classes, and a school age program during the evening classes. Dayna is able to attend the men's class with Dan while I take Annie with me - together the four of us are studying the same lessons (at an age appropriate level, though I confess, the kids' lessons help me understand mine a lot better!)

I may have been just a little overzealous and started completing my lessons as soon as they were available online.

I can't wait to discover what God has for me to learn this year.

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