Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Fifth Grade Friends

It's hard to believe these girls are already in fifth grade. I see them at school, and their legs are getting so long. They tower over the other kids at school. And they seem to just get sweeter with time.

Dayna's teacher sent me a picture a few days into the school year of the girls hard at work. I giggle, because when I was a fifth grader, I was teased for leaning close to my work when I was writing. It was the best way to shut out the distractions. As we laughingly say around here, "it must be genetic."

Later in the week, Dayna's friend came over for a sleepover. I caught them snuggled in their sleeping bags reading, because MaKaylee insisted on finishing their 30 minutes of reading before they could start a movie.

I love that Dayna has a friend who makes her want to be a better person.

Just last weekend, Dayna went to cheer on MaKaylee and her volleyball team while MaKaylee's little sister came here to play with Annie. Sure glad to see another set of Kassebaum/Wilson girls becoming friends!

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