Sunday, August 28, 2011

Off and Running

I've got to say...this year has been a much easier transition to teaching than last year. Maybe I'm finally accepting that full-time is my lot for this season of my life. I find myself a bit calmer (okay, a lot calmer) in the classroom. My tone is not as harsh, but still firm. In fact...the only discipline issues I've had so far have really only been with kiddos that are new to my classes. The students who know me have responded very well to the procedures and lessons.

Even our home life is more relaxed. Schoolwork stays at school, and I'm home and emotionally available to my family in the evenings. Things are really on an even keel. The house may not be as clean, and the meals are sometimes grab and go, but really...the stress level in our home at the beginning of this school year has really been manageable.

I pray it stays this way.