Wednesday, August 31, 2011


This evening, I learned of a conversation that occurred yesterday between two other music teachers about me. Ordinarily, this would completely pique my curiosity, and leave me completely obsessing over what others think of me. Instead, I'm kind of speechless. A happy kind of speechless.

One teacher asked the other how well she knew me, because it seemed to her that all I ever talk about is "God, God, God" and "praying, praying, praying." (These impressions have been taken from my Facebook posts.) The second teacher thought that was actually kind of cool, but that I did talk about other things as well.

I find this interesting, as I'm not consciously using Facebook as an avenue for witnessing, but like any interactions I have, I pray about the right words and opportunities.

So if the impression that I make is that I love Jesus, I pray that I reflect Him well.

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Paula said...

You reflect well. :) I think you are well-rounded, too.