Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Alone Time

It seems now that school is in and our schedules have changed that alone time is getting harder to come by. Dan's home in the mornings now, logging in a few hours before he takes Dayna to school and goes into the office. This means I can't work out alone...I've been getting some early morning walks, but no energy or drive to try to run. When I get home, it's snuggle and read with Dayna, then dinner (which Dan usually has under control...right now, I can smell barbecue beef!), bedtime for Dayna, a little TV, and bedtime for us.

I do manage about 20-30 minutes every morning to spend in Bible Study and devotion. But beyond that, I kind of feel like I'm in "go, go, go" mode.

Anybody else find it difficult to make down time ("alone" time, "me" time...whatever you want to call it) work when life gets so busy?

I know, I know...this is a season. And it's not a bad season. I just wonder if there are other ways I can find to recharge.

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