Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I'm a Mean Lady

Yup...those words were muttered angrily at me by an indignant six-year-old boy who didn't like the fact that he wasn't supposed to touch things in the classroom that didn't belong to him. It seems that this youngster (like many other new kiddos in my life this year) has never been told "no" before. So as he stomped his little feet and yelled at me that he was going to tell his mom on me, I stifled my giggles and used my serious voice to tell him that I would love to talk to his mom.

Poor kid...I really can't blame his frustration. But rules are rules, and I'm just not the warm, fuzzy teacher type. So I held my ground.

The funny thing is, the next day, we were playing a silly little game and he was giggling and smiling and having a grand time. I asked him at the end of class if I was still mean. His response: "'re pretty cool."

That's kind of how life works in Mrs. Wilson's classroom. If you follow the rules, we have a great time; if you don't...

...well, don't make me use my "mean" voice.

*I do find it incredibly interesting that the only "issues" I've had so far this year involve students who don't already know me. So I'll take heart, continue to be firm, and remember that I'm there to help shape future adults...not to make friends.*

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