Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Panic and Poison Control

I have one daughter who learned at an early age "we don't touch medicine" and another who thinks to herself "bring it on!"

So guess which child managed to get past a child-proof cap and down about half a bottle of cold medicine?

This would be while I was processing the news about my aunt's death - and juggling phone calls to my neighbor who is a pharmacist, my husband, our pediatrician, and poison control.

Fortunately, the amount taken was under the "dangerous" level. She was zinging around the house for about an hour before completely crashing. She probably had the best night of sleep ever - meanwhile, the two adults in the house didn't sleep much at all as we were on hyper alert listening for any changes in her breathing patterns.

She's no worse for the wear - but our nerves are certainly a little more frazzled now.

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