Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter - part 1

It was our second Easter with Annie, but our first Easter home. It was wonderful that her first Easter service was in China. But somehow, I have felt off-kilter for a year. Since we were gone last year for Easter, I would find myself looking to put Easter decorations out in October. My equilibrium was off for an entire year - and I was excited to set things right again!

It's always wonderful to celebrate Christ's resurrection. The candy and fancy dresses and egg hunts are fun - but there's something about getting up at the crack of dawn to tell your family "He is Risen!"

And that's what we do around here! We get up before dawn and visit our local state park. They have a very tall tower overlooking the Platte River. We climb those steps in the predawn, wrap up in blankets, and read the Easter story from the Bible as we watch the sun rise.

Enjoy some pictures from our family's early-morning Easter celebration.

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