Monday, September 30, 2013

First Camping Trip

We took advantage of one of those beautiful fall Friday afternoons and took the girls to Memphis State Recreation Area for Annie's first camping trip. From Annie's perspective, the campout was sheer success. We've never seen her wake up as happy as she did Saturday morning. She giggled and smiled for almost an hour!

From a parent's perspective, the campout was a disaster! The campfire never lit (wet wood) and the next morning, we ran out of propane while cooking breakfast. No worries...just grab the backup propane! Nope...that one ran out too. So we braved Husker game day traffic and made it to Denny's for breakfast. While packing up, the girls had a ball playing in the sand and flowers...only to realize that we forgot to spray the girls. Poor Dayna is allergic to mosquitoes and looked like she had the measles for about a week. I'm pretty sure we'll be doing school picture retakes!

Nonetheless, it was a fun family overnight trip.

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