Monday, September 30, 2013

Dayna's First Race

Dayna's been working so hard all summer to be able to participate in a race with me. Her little legs have pumped all over town!

Yesterday was the big day! Unfortunately, it was also the day Mama got sick. No, I probably shouldn't have done it with her...but somehow, it was too hard for me to let her down.

So we took it slowly. And walked more than we should have.

But...we finished! Dayna's first 5K. She came in 241st and I was 242nd with a time just over 41 minutes. And if you keep track of things like this, Dayna was 2nd for kids 10 and under and 1st for girls 10 and under.

So proud of you, girl!

Pinning her race number

Ready to go
We're on our way!

41 minutes later!

Way to go, girlie!

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