Monday, September 30, 2013

New Kid

After 10 years in the same BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class and 6 years with a great circle of leaders, it was hard to say goodbye last spring.

This fall, I was able to start up again, this time with Annie. We're going to a new class so she can attend as well. It's wonderful how BSF is the same everywhere you go. I'm still doing the same lessons as Dan & Dayna (at her age level), and now Annie is learning, too. I loved after last week that she had a little star sticker on her shirt and kept saying "star...Jesus." Even now, she's learning this case, about the star that led the Magi to Jesus.

And as much as I miss my old friends, and as much as I felt like the new kid at school, I must feels good to be "home" with BSF again. Some of our big decisions may impact whether or not I can continue...or at least how it would look if I continue...but somehow, I know God's got it all worked out.

If you're seeking to know God and His Word better...I strongly urge seeking out a BSF class near you. They're all over the world!

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