Monday, September 30, 2013

Grace Where You Are

This is one of those places where I really wish I were more eloquent and could express my thoughts the way others do. It goes back to the ongoing conflict, often among Christians, where those who make different parenting choices receive judgment and guilt. Why do we do this to each other?

On a Facebook site in the last month (one that is supposed to encourage parents), I have seen some pretty negative messages to moms who work outside the home and those who send their kids to public schools. In fact, a blog entry was written (and later edited) that likened sending our children to public schools to sending them to Islamic terrorist training camps. Really? How, exactly, does this give any credibility to Christianity? I'm the first to admit that there are some very unhealthy public schools out there. (I've worked in some of them.) But there are also some remarkably wonderful ones where our kids are given a chance to shine. It goes back to my point in an earlier post...we all have different stories. Why should I expect your family's story to look like mine?

In the middle of all the guilt, where is the grace? I've never been big on grace. I'm a rule follower. Very black and white. Often more focused on the holiness of God than His grace. But the older I get, the more I see just how imbalanced my view of God is (and how far short I fall!)

Lisa-Jo Baker is a blogger I've recently discovered. And today, when I needed the encouragement the most, I stumbled across this entry:

The One Where I'm a Working Mom.

I love that her words are filled with grace...wherever you are.

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