Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Update

We got another update on our sweet girl today. I have a feeling this is the "official" update before we travel. In it, we were given weight and height. She has 2 teeth and 10 feet (okay...that one read funny to me at first. Her feet are 10 cm., but it looked like she had 10 feet.)

Contrary to the last picture we received, upon which she was dubbed "Miss Sassypants" for the look of pure spunky attitude, this update said that she is rather introverted. I guess she will be a mystery that we'll be investigating for a long time!

We know her feeding and sleeping schedule, and the foods she likes to eat. This will be quite helpful. With Dayna, we knew nothing about parenting and gave her anything she'd eat. This led to some rather uncomfortable days in China for her and frightening days for us until her little system started to go again. Needless to say, we'll be sticking pretty close to this diet until we get her home and can SLOWLY introduce more.

We also received two more precious pictures. It does look like she's pretty steady on her feet and will probably be walking everywhere. Quite different from our experience with Dayna when she couldn't sit or even roll over on the day we met her.

Can't wait to start this adventure!

Hang on, little one...we're coming as soon as we can!

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