Wednesday, January 2, 2013


That's what I was told today by the orthopedic surgeon. I have a 50% chance that my ankle will heal on its own. This means I have a 50% chance that I'll need surgery. the glass half full or half empty?

I'm going to start physical therapy and do that for 3 weeks. It sounds like this will be the litmus test as to whether or not I can get over this on my own.

If looks like I'll need arthroscopic surgery where the doctor will have to micro-fracture my ankle. I'll be in a boot for about 4 weeks.

Not the end of the world, I know...but we're planning this "little" trip to China soon. One where hobbling around really isn't ideal. I have been told that if surgery is necessary, it can wait until we get home. (But mom on crutches juggling a toddler, diaper bag, etc....not an ideal picture there, either.) If surgery will be necessary, and we'll need to wait, I can get a cortizone shot in the ankle (ouch!) before we leave.

So...the options aren't looking all that great right now. There still is that 50% chance that it will get better on its own. I was also assured that if I put off treatment, it won't get any worse. There's also a good chance that I'll be able to run again someday.

I'm trying to look at the bright side, but prayers are appreciated. Thanks!


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Shelli Koger said...

Praying that you nor I need surgery!!!! Take it easy!!