Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Messages from Far Away

You may recall from my October posts that Dayna had her first heartbreaking goodbye. Her friend Katherine had lived in Lincoln for a year and had to return to her home in Harbin, China. You can read about this tough farewell here and here.

On Friday night, I received a call from a very strange number. I confess...I'm not used to receiving international calls. Katherine was up early on a Saturday morning and wanted to talk to Dayna! So the girls got on Skype and giggled and talked for over an hour. They were showing each other baby pictures, walking around their homes with the laptop so they could see where the other lived, showing each other their homework assignments, and generally catching up on the last 3 months. It did this mama's heart so much good to see this connection.

They repeated the whole thing on Saturday night as well! I'm so happy for my daughter that this friendship can continue over the miles.

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