Tuesday, March 31, 2015

2 Years Later

A lot can happen in 2 years.  It seems like just yesterday, we were meeting our sweet Annie for the first time. It has been a wild ride (to say the least), but we can't imagine our lives without this silly girl.

A new (welcome!) change to the post-placement rules for Chinese adoptions is that every post-placement report starting at 2 years can be self reported. This means we no longer have to pay for a social worker's time, mileage, etc. We don't need to frantically clean our house. We can just be us and reminisce on what the last year has brought us.

One of the questions asked us about Annie's fine and gross motor skills. We opted to delicately share that she is fascinated by scissors and leave out the picture of her self-inflicted mullet (3 days after we "fixed" her hair from the first haircut.)

These are the pictures we included for her report. It sure puts a smile on our faces to see how well she's doing.

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