Tuesday, March 31, 2015


One of my big takeaways from the Weekend to Remember conference had to do with my purpose in Christ.

God created us, man and woman, in His image. We are to be a reflection of God.

Check out this amazing visual:

This is Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake. I suspect the picture was taken early in the morning, when things were calm. I can't get over what an incredible reflection is captured in the water. This is what God intended when He created us. It's what He still desires.

I can't even imagine my life being such a perfect reflection of my Creator.

But more often than not, my reflection looks a little more like this:

Not quite so perfect. Those ripples - sin. Pride. Selfishness. Impatience. Allowing myself to be overwhelmed by the winds and storms of life.

The reflection is still there, but other factors have marred the perfect reflection God created.

I am so glad I have a perfect Savior who has already done the work so that I can stand blameless before God. And I am reminded that:

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