Sunday, December 29, 2013

December Photo Project - Week 3

December 15 - The second time we left the house to make it to the 10:30 service at church. We live 40 minutes away.
December 16 - says it all
December 17 - my husband takes such good care of me
December 18 - little fingers that thought 1 gift label wasn't enough for her cousin

December 19 - My sweet, disheveled family after our annual "Pajama Run" - over an hour past bedtime!

(added bonus to my "beautiful mess" - if you look closely, you'll see the empty frames on the wall. I'm getting closer - frames are up, but pictures of child #2 still need to be printed.)
December 20 - the impeccable table manners of my girls...slurping their noodles and soup just like in China.

December 21 - Realizing an hour late, while still in pajamas, that the caroling party was tonight, and not tomorrow. What a beautiful mess it turned out to be - watching my girls shake the jingle bells and spending time with friends...while hiding my wet hair under a Santa hat!

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