Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Program

I must say, I enjoy being on the "other" side of elementary Christmas programs. I appreciate all the work the teachers put in to make it happen, and I get to be the parent focused on one child - mine!

Dayna's music teacher did it again this year! It was her last holiday program (4th and 5th do a program at a different time of the year.) If I do say so myself, 3rd graders stole the show with their closer - complete with kick line!

Blue dress, first row, 5th one in

Could that be her arm going in the opposite direction? There's always one!

We ADORE Mrs. Hall - an amazing teacher in a string of amazing teachers

Mrs. Bebout, Dayna's music teacher - she makes a point to come see Dayna in the Singing Christmas Tree each year and supports all of Dayna's musical activities

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