Wednesday, May 29, 2013

An Impromptu Shower

Most Fridays, my dear friend Mary Ann has her local children and grandchildren over for "Grama Day." They are so sweet and kind, often letting my girls and I join in the fun. (One of her grandsons asked a few months ago when he could see his "cousin" Dayna again...these kids really do love each other!)

Recently, Annie and I were able to go to Grama Day, where two of Mary Ann's daughters were able to meet our girl. Little did I know that they were planning a little shower for us all along. (Ironic, as Mary Ann hosted Dayna's baby shower!) Mae had saved her tea and scone mix from our fundraiser last February for this occasion.

It was a sweet day, and Annie and I are truly blessed.

Forgive the incredibly bad hair day I was having!

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