Friday, May 31, 2013

Last Day of School

It was with no small bit of sadness that Dayna said goodbye to Second Grade. She had a wonderful class this year, and once again was blessed with an amazing teacher. It's not by mistake that God landed our family in this little town. The school system here continues to impress me as we watch our Dayna blossom into an independent learner.

I'm trying to get Dayna in the habit of expressing to her teachers what they mean to her. The following is the text (spelling and grammar intact) of the note she wrote to her teacher (printed with her permission):

Dear Mrs. Nichelson,

Im really sad that we have to leave 2nd Grade butI’m sure 3rd Grade will be nice. I want to tell you how much I loveyou and why. I love you because your, understanding, loveing, kind. I love youbecause your, nice, forgiving, patient, work with us, and you love us and LoveGod. Mrs. Nichelson. I love you. You’re a star! I luv you. I’ll miss you.

P.S. one of my favorite thing about 2nd Grade isCandy.

Second Grade is Super!

Love Dayna

With the fabulous Mrs. Nichelson

Mrs. Bray, principal extraordinaire

Walking home from school

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