Thursday, March 7, 2013

Descriptive Writing

Dayna recently had an assignment where she was asked to describe someone she hasn't met. With her permission, I offer the following story:

"My Chinese Birth Mom" by Dayna

My Birth mom has dark black hair. She has dark brown eyes. Even though I don't know her I imagen her dressed in a light cotten canddy blue shirt and tan pants and a pony tale.

She knows how to wright and speak and read in chinese. She did what was best for me and I imagen that she is really nice. Some-times when I'm laying in bed I think about her and I someteims I imagen what it would be like (diffrent) if she could ceep me and all that I really know about her is that she really love Me (picture of a large heart) all we have of her is me and a green scrachy sweater and a apron.

The End

I confess, this brought tears to my eyes when her teacher shared this with me. We have tried so hard to always speak of her first mom in an honoring way. It does my heart good to know that Dayna honors her as well.

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