Monday, November 30, 2015

God's Plan for His Daughters

Dayna and I enjoyed a two-day retreat at a church in Omaha. They have a great family series that goes throughout a child's life called the "Faith Legacy." You can read a little about their event for fifth and sixth grade girls and their moms here.

This retreat involved a lot of talk with our girls about the changes they will be experiencing, including a panel with a doctor and older girls who answer anonymous questions from the younger girls. We laughed, we ate, we discovered that mom has weird stuff in her purse and her antiquated flip phone was good for some more laughs.

The highlight of the weekend was ending with a trust walk. All of the girls were blindfolded while the moms surrounded them. All at once, we started calling our daughters' names. This led to a 15-20 minute walk through the church. The girls had to shut out the other voices and listen to ours. Sometimes we were easy to hear, and sometimes much more difficult. Our girls walked in circles, ran into a few obstacles, and were quite scared at times while walking in the dark. But at the end, the moms led their daughters one by one to the foot of the cross.

I hope this lesson stays with Dayna as the voices of the world will compete with the values her dad and I are trying to teach her. That sometimes God's voice is hard to hear, but He will never leave her side. And that my job as her mom is to always lead her back to the cross.

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