Friday, July 31, 2015

Annie's Surgery

Annie had a tonsillectomy earlier this month. She hasn't been getting sick, but her tonsils were so large they were impeding her speech and palate function. We're just about done with the recovery process right now, and she has really been a trooper.

Surgery week was made more interesting by the fact that Dan's alternator went out about three miles from the hospital. Annie and I waited about 30 minutes for a cab (and surgery was delayed about 90 minutes) while Dan waited about an hour to be towed back home. My vehicle was out of commission from a parking lot accident the previous week, so we were without any means of transportation. We're thankful for a good friend who loaned us her car for a few days.

We're happy to be past the Popsicle stage and hope she'll get the all-clear for most foods and activities at her appointment on Monday.

We got to have Nurse Nancy again! She took such good care of Annie at her palate surgery and once again wowed us with her great compassion and care for our whole family

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