Friday, July 31, 2015

When Virtual Friends Become "Real" Friends

I had the opportunity to meet some of my virtual China friends on our trip. Kelly was a rock for me while we were adopting Dayna, and has since become a go-to resource for many adopting. She's so real and practical, as well as being a spiritual source of support and wisdom. It took ten years for us to meet, but we were able to squeeze in a coffee date with Jill while I was in Maryland.

Later in the trip, we had a not-so-quick lunch with Lorene and her family on our way through South Carolina. We had previously met Lorene and her family on our way home from Disney a few years back. It was great to meet her husband this time (he was deployed when we met before.) Lorene is a hoot, and I always enjoy talking with person or in the cyber world.

I love when virtual friends become real friends!

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