Saturday, January 31, 2015

Sick Days

The crud hit our house last weekend. It was a weekend of disappointments. Dan was so excited to go to his first drum corps rehearsal of the year. Instead, he was sidetracked with a computer issue at work for almost 12 hours. This turned into some great conversations about giving thanks in all circumstances. And it really helped my perspective.

Meanwhile, I was running the girls to the doctor, only to find out that my girl with all the symptoms of the flu didn't have the flu. (Good news there! The bad news was nobody seemed to know what it was.)

As a result, the three girls spent most of the weekend in bed, watching movies. I think I've hit my Frozen overload for the month!

However, that seemed to be just what the doctor ordered. Nothing like 4 feverish days when your little one can do nothing but just let you love her and take care of her. The difficult behaviors vanished, and all that was left was snuggling, connecting and loving each other.

The housework could wait. The laundry was left undone. The dishes started to pile up. But the girls - we stayed in our jammies and just chilled (if you can call 103* plus "chilling.")

The good news - we're doing better now. But is it wrong of me to look back fondly over our sick days?

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