Saturday, January 31, 2015

Girls' Night Out

Dayna and I recently enjoyed a 24-hour getaway. A friend found us a great deal on a hotel in downtown Omaha, where we were treated to a fabulous view of the lights in the Gene Leahy Mall. We indulged in a sushi dinner at Blue. We went swimming in a warm pool on a cold winter's night. We chowed on scones from Panera for breakfast. We stayed up past midnight watching HGTV (a huge indulgence when we don't have cable at home.) We went and saw the new version of Annie the next day, followed by some browsing through an art gallery.

The highlight of the getaway was simply reconnecting with my girl and escaping the distractions that can creep up over the holidays. I think she must have genuinely told me over 50 times, "Thank you so much, Mom! I really enjoyed our time together."

As a side note, I'll simply say that I highly recommend this book, and the companion series for kids. It was recommended by my doctor, and I really appreciate the gracious and faith-based way this sensitive subject was handled.

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