Monday, March 31, 2014


I've been praying about who God is putting in my life. What person needs a little bit of kindness in God's name? Who is the person I rub shoulders with on a regular basis, that with a little bit of effort, I could build a relationship?

The answer came in an unlikely place. Cynthia. The cookie lady. (You know...when you take a weekly trip through Wal-Mart with a two-year-old who may or may not can always bribe them with a free cookie at the bakery when they're good!)

Week after week, she smiles and greets Annie as she hands out a cookie and a brief conversation. Last week, the conversation suddenly became much more personal. I learned a lot about Cynthia and her family. A lot of areas for prayer and concern. And a chance for me to just love on her.

Just as I'm beginning to really feel a connection, and an excitement about where God is leading this, Cynthia shares that this week will be her last. She's moving home to Nashville at the end of this week.

So tomorrow will be my last Tuesday morning shopping trip to see sweet Cynthia. I know that she'll be spreading sunshine wherever she goes. And I know God has someone else waiting just around the corner.

In the meantime, Annie and I put together a little farewell gift for Cynthia as she goes back to her home in Tennessee. Annie put in her favorite Chinese cookies (it only seemed appropriate); a notepad that says "Don't Forget"; a planter with some forget-me-not seeds. I hope Cynthia knows that she and her family will continue to be in our prayers. Every time we get a cookie!

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