Friday, January 31, 2014


A week before my birthday, Dan & I discovered something almost too good to be true. I have been a HUGE fan of Rich Mullins since I was sixteen and bought his album (cassette tape, really) for my best friend Carrie. The two of us were instantly hooked and spent the next several years moving heaven and earth to listen to his music and see him live. I will confess to having missed a final (rescheduled, actually) in college, as well as a band concert to see him. I remember camping out with Carrie outside G.I. Joe's to buy tickets to that concert. After a few hours, we reached the front of the line, convinced we'd missed the best seats. When we asked for 2 tickets to see Rich Mullins, the ticket agent was puzzled. Had never heard of him. We asked who all the other people were buying tickets to see...turns out Elton John tickets went on sale the same day. Silly us! We even had the privilege of meeting him once at a concert in Salem. His interchange with Carrie was unforgettable. (And if you know her, you'll have to ask her about it!)

When Rich died in 1997, it really shook me. It took a long time for me to work through that loss and be able to listen to his music again. It felt as though I lost a close friend, and my faith definitely went through some transitions. Funny how someone's music can make that much of an impact on a person.

For the last six months, I have been following the process of a new movie about Rich's life. It's called Ragamuffin, and is being released in limited venues. Unfortunately, there were no showings in Lincoln or fact, none anywhere close to where we live.

Until a week before my birthday...when they added a showing in Kansas City...THAT WEEKEND. So Dan jumped on things and bought tickets for my birthday, found a hotel for us to stay at in the area, and arranged for my sweet cousin Melinda to watch the girls while we were at the movie. A fabulous getaway weekend with an incredible movie, to boot.

If you are able to catch this movie while it's showing, I strongly recommend it. It's not a pretty movie. It doesn't have a happy ending. But if you want to see a man's journey to discover Christ...not the neatly packaged Sunday School version...not the Christian pop version...but the Savior who loves us so much He relentlessly pursues us...this is a movie you need to see.

Rich's music challenged my faith when he was living, and it continues to challenge me today. I'm so grateful for his raw honesty as he wrestled with his faith, and I'm encouraged to know it's okay as I continue to wrestle with mine.

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