Friday, January 31, 2014

40. It's the New 40.

Yup...I hit that milestone this month. The birthday where my age begins with a new digit and ends in a zero. And somehow, this one was WAY easier than 30. As I recall, the week I turned 30, there had already been 2 family deaths that year (only 14 days in.) Dan was at a night class and I was alone. Sick. And discouraged because I hit 30 and still wasn't a mom. I begged a friend to take me out to dinner so I wouldn't be alone.

But 40...this was so much better. I had a completely lazy day at home. Three of us went to Dayna's school and we all had lunch together. I accomplished pretty much nothing at all. Dayna made me a red velvet cake for dessert. (Oops...we forgot to get a picture until after we cut it.)

And I was able to spend some birthday money (I saved from last year) and buy myself a new toy.

Surrounded by family...what a way to ring in a new decade! Excited to see what the next ten years bring.

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Garey and Janiece said...

Next ten years? TEENAGERS!!!