Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese New Year Book List

I was just sharing with a friend some of my favorite Chinese New Year books for the girls. So to put all of these in one place:

My First Chinese New Year
This is a cute beginner's book to CNY. It clearly spells out some of the traditions surrounding the holiday.

D Is for Dragon Dance
C Is for China
These are good books with pictures and illustrations of things related to China.

Red Is a Dragon
This one was a gift - a fun book using Chinese ideas to teach colors.

The Dancing Dragon
This is one of my favorite books to use in the classroom. When you reach the end of the first half, you turn the book around and it folds out into a long dragon. 

Not CNY related, but other great books about China:

Kindergarten Day USA and China
I bought this as a gift for Dayna's Kindergarten teacher and class. When you go through the book one way, it walks you through a typical school day in the USA. Flip the book around, and you see a typical school day in China.

Tikki Tikki Tembo
A fun Chinese folk tale about two brothers.

Seven Chinese Sisters
Another fun folk tale.

And Dayna has become a huge fan of anything by Grace Lin.

If your family embraces Chinese culture, what books do you enjoy?

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