Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dayna's Top Seven

Tonight marks the last night Dayna will be seven. To keep with tradition over the last few years, I asked her to make a list of the seven best things that happened to her this year.

7. Going to San Francisco two times (although she admits she was pretty tired the second time around...on a layover coming home from China.)

6. Jumping off the diving board without any sort of floats and swimming by herself to the edge of the pool. (We don't have pictures of this, but we did get to see the US Olympic Swim finals in Omaha as well.)
5. Waking up in her own house on Christmas morning.
4. Being in charge of the bake sale at Annie's adoption fundraiser.
3. Going to second grade and making new friends.
2. Going to China and getting to see the Great Wall.
1. Becoming a big sister to Annie.

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Paula said...

Seven wonderful things!