Monday, April 22, 2013

Hard Drive Issues

Well, we're home. Slowly settling in, and I know I have 9 more blog entries to write by next week. Computer issues have been complicated in the Wilson home since our return.

While we were in China, some sort of bizarre short circuit started to happen with the power button on the laptop. One day during naptime, I counted over 15 times that the laptop randomly shut itself off, then turned back on again. We learned to save often as we were writing our website updates.

Once we got home, before we had a chance to look at the computer, it got jarred. Not much...about a half inch. Enough to completely kill the hard drive. So we have lost everything. Our Gotcha video, our China pictures, everything.

Dan has taken the HD to a few places in Lincoln, as well has the IT guys at his work. Nobody can recover anything. Apparently, something happened to moving parts. Our only option now is to send it away and have someone try to reassemble the hard drive in a dust free room - to the tune of $700. Money we just don't have right now. (Actually, who regularly has that much extra cash on hand?)

So, if you have suggestions or want to join us in praying for another solution, we'd sure appreciate it.

And because we no longer have a working laptop, our only computer is in the basement. A room we haven't yet introduced to Annie (and by the time we baby proof the area, she'll be old enough to be down here!) So it's a rare thing that I can sneak down here long enough to get some typing done.

But somehow...I KNOW I'll still manage to get 10 entries by the end of the month. My OCD self just won't allow me to settle for anything less!

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