Thursday, February 28, 2013

Waiting and Watching

We're entering the phase where we simply sit and wait for THE phone call. The one that gives us permission to travel. We've started a "launch pad" of things to pack, we have checklists ready to go, and our hearts are prepared.

So now, we hurry up and wait. I had my first dream about Annie last night. It was on Gotcha Day, and she was wearing the sweetest little navy blue dress with white polka dots, with a white straw hat on her head. In my dream, she came right to me and snuggled into my shoulder.

I remember waiting for Dayna and having a dream about her. God used that dream to reassure me that Dayna was being well cared for and loved.  It's amazing how God can use a dream to still my heart. It's kind of odd dreaming about someone you are madly in love with, but you haven't yet met.

And so...I will continue to wait. Taking each day one at a time until I get that little girl in my arms. (Because she's already woven into my heart.)

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