Wednesday, June 20, 2012


We're sad the old clothespin holder doesn't work well anymore.

Our happy days together are just memories now.

So let's make a new one!

Dayna picked the fabrics. 1930's reproductions with little strawberries.

We start with a pleated skirt.

Add a waistband.

Make some shirt lapels. Doesn't it look like a cute little bowling shirt? Don't look too closely at those lapels...

Almost done, but those lapels are still bugging me.

Nothing some buttons and a ribbon can't camouflage.

Transferring the old clothespins. If only everyone had a cute little helper like this! She sure makes my life a ton easier. Love this girl!

Hanging out and ready to work.

Nothing like clothes on the line. And yes...that is a heavy fleece snowman pajama top that Dayna wore on a 95+ degree day after the swimming pool earlier this week.


~~anna~~ said...

This is so cheery! My mom always had one like this but I used it as a teenager to store my 'nylons'and pantyhose.
It was cream and red w/blue and yellow flowers.

Loved following the journey from old to new (and your helper is adorable!)

Paula said...

Very cute... both the hanger and the little helper!

Garey and Janiece said...

Oh your mother would LOVE one of those!!!!! Or at the very least, to borrow the pattern!!!